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Jackson County Exceptional School

Principal's Message

At the Jackson County Exceptional School, we always strive to put our best foot forward.  The JCES team embodies the idea that every student, regardless of disability, is entitled to the best education we have to offer.  It is our goal to ensure that accessibility is at the forefront, and that the needs of each student are addressed on an individual basis.  
As parents, you are part of the process and we encourage you to take part in all we have to offer.  At the Exceptional School, we provide free American Sign Language classes once a week, and these are open to the community and the district personnel.  We also offer resources to a wide variety of organizations that work with individuals with disabilities, and we can provide contact information for post-secondary transitions as well.  
This year our goals are simple.  Continue the mission of “Moving Forward,”  set high standards and clear expectations for every student, and continue the tradition of making the impossible possible every day.  
-Robert Rumfelt